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The printable board game to get you through quarantine
Tactical shopping madness for 2 - 4 players.
Just download the pdf, print it out and play.
Or play online with your friends!

See below for instructions
‭ "‬HAMSTERKAUF"‮‬‭ ‬is the German word for panic shopping‭. 

We all know this feeling, ‬the outside world is coming to an end and you are standing in the supermarket with this sudden craving for toilet paper and pasta‭. ‬To not have to be antisocial to satisfy your burning need we‭ ‬created this game for you‭. ‬

What's the goal?
It's shopping time! The goal is to get as many products as you can. The more you get of the same product the better.
How to get ready‭?‬
STEP1: Print out the pdf and cut out the cards
STEP2‭: ‬Shuffle the cards and randomly place them on the board
STEP3: Take whatever you can find to use as your pawn and place it in one of the corners

Use the 5x5 board and leave the middle square empty.

The starting points are the opposite corners.

Use the 6x5 board and fill it up. Everyone places their pawn in one of the corners. If 3 players you can choose which corners to use.

How to play‭?‬
The player with the strongest cough begins‭. ‬If 3‭ ‬players‭, ‬the one in the middle starts.‬‭ ‬Then the game proceeds in turns‭, ‬in clockwise order‭. ‬

Rule 1‭: ‬Move 3‭ ‬steps and take the card you are landing on. 
Moving back and forth to land on the square right next to you is allowed.
You can also land on empty tiles. You have to move every turn. If you are trapped and cannot move it's the next player's turn.
*You cannot move diagonally.

Rule 2‭: ‬Keep your distance from the others to avoid an infection.
There always has to be one square distance between players. You can land on a tile diagonally from another player though.
*You cannot even pass a player without keeping distance so watch out to not get trapped!

You can move back and forth but not diagonally.

 You cannot land nor pass on a square next to another player.

How does this mess end‭?‬
2‭ ‬or 3‭ ‬players‭: ‬
The game ends when all cards on the board have been taken‭.‬
4‭ ‬players‭:
The game ends when there is only 1‭ ‬card left on the board‭.‬
Who wins‭?‬
The player who has the most points wins‭. ‬The more you have of the same product‭, ‬the more points you can get‭ for them.
For example, if you got one roll of toilet paper you get 2 points for it. But if you managed to get 2 rolls they sum up to 6 points!

See the chart below to calculate your points.
Stay safe and have fun with the game!
Created by Dominik Schwäger & Ayaka Araki in isolation, march 2020
PC version developed by Guillaume Bernard

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us. 
Thank you!